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The old version will remain available on this site.

What is GrETEL?

Greedy Extraction of Trees for Empirical Linguistics

GrETEL is a query engine in which linguists can use a natural language example as a starting point for searching a treebank with limited knowledge about tree representations and formal query languages. By allowing users to search for constructions which are similar to the example they provide, we hope to bridge the gap between traditional and computational linguistics.

GrETEL for Afrikaans (December, 2014)

Version 2.0 (November, 2014)

GrETEL is freely available for academic research and teaching purposes. If you would like to use one of the tools for your research, please cite the following paper:

Liesbeth Augustinus, Vincent Vandeghinste, and Frank Van Eynde (2012). "Example-Based Treebank Querying" In: Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC-2012). Istanbul, Turkey.